Call 1 Redress

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A redress procedure for the first call for experiment proposals has been established. Any request for redress arising from this call for experiment proposals must be submitted by the proposal co-ordinator on or before 30th March 2010 by sending an e-mail to

Please note:

  1. This procedure is concerned with the evaluation and/or eligibility checking process. The committee will not call into question the scientific or technical judgement of appropriately qualified experts.
  2. A re-evaluation will only be carried out if there is evidence of a shortcoming that affects the final decision on whether to fund it or not. This means, for example, that a problem relating to one evaluation criterion will not lead to a re-evaluation if a proposal has failed anyway on the other criteria.
  3. The evaluation score following any re-evaluation will be regarded as definitive. It may be lower than the original score.
  4. Only one request for redress per proposal will be considered by the committee.
  5. All requests for redress will be treated in confidence.