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C4Gopen controller modalities have been studied in order to select a suitable one for the implementation of the manual guidance. Modality 5 has been selected. Direct kinematics and direct/inverse differential kinematics were coded in the realtime PC programming environment. The ATI functions were ported to Linux and tested...
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Visual servoing control for contour following To support the scanning procedure a visual servoing control able to move the robot along the deburring path, keeping the camera (and the laser) at a fixed distance from the wheel and centered on the edge, is required (Fig. 1). Figure 1 - Architecture of the visual servoing...
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System integration Considering that the role of the vision system should be to determine the deburring profile and to measure the length and depth of burrs, as burrs in this kind of machining process are characterized by depth/length of 1-2 millimeters, the accuracy of the vision system should be in the order of tens of...
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The FIDELIO project wants to investigate the feasibility of an innovative robot programming approach, based on the Learning From Observation paradigm, in an industrial application scenario exemplified by a fixtureless wheel deburring task. To this aim, a robotised cell is being set up, composed of a Comau Smart-Six...
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The preparation of the experimental setup was completed. The Smart Six robot was installed, the external PC for the open controller was set up, the force/torque sensor was delivered.
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Walk-through programming The programming mode has been realised through a set of admittance controllers. It must be noticed that the tests reaveal that the classical implementation of the walk-through programming mode does not allow for motion in contact with a surface. It turns out that realising the walk-through...
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Walk-through programming The problem of walk-through programming in contact with an hard surface is still under studying. The main concerns are related to the implementation of a robust algorithm to detect the contact and estimate the normal to the surface. Wheel localisation and burr analysis To localise the wheel a...
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Contour following and profile estimation Three different experiments have been performed to test the contour following algorithm. The first one concerns the measurement of a linear profile with an artificial burr (Figs. 1-2). Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 The two other experiments show the performance of the contour following system...
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