Public Summary Month 12/2011

C4Gopen controller modalities have been studied in order to select a suitable one for the implementation of the manual guidance. Modality 5 has been selected.

Direct kinematics and direct/inverse differential kinematics were coded in the realtime PC programming environment.


The ATI functions were ported to Linux and tested in the real-time environment. The code that handles the acquisition board has been also improved, in order to speed up the acquisition of multiple channels.


To setup a manual guidance programming mode that does not violate the safety standards, the open controller should be active in programming mode, and the human operator should keep the dead-man button pressed.

An additional lighter and ergonomic dead-man button (like e.g. the Sick E100 enabling switch) will be added to the safety chain and the software of the C4Gopen will be changed in order to allow the activation of the open controller even in programming mode.