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First force- and target guided positioning tasks of the airplane component have been performed. The challange is, to handle the coupling of relatively soft parts of the components (e.g. the elastic ends of the formers see here) as well as stiff parts (see here). Further efforts have to be made to develop a robust controller...
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In order to assemble parts, the forces of the assembly movement have to be controlled. In the JILAS experiment this is done via a force sensor mounted at the wrist of the robot. Different controller strategies were discussed and assessed for their use in the contact task during the assembly of the airplane components. ==> see...
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In the first three months of the JILAS experiment the focus has been set on the description of the concept and the development of the testbed layout. Developing the concept has shown where the essential technical difficulties lie. The installation of the test bed is initiated by preparing the laboratory facilities and the...
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Since this month the test-bed is finally available and fully functional. In a first step we will assemble the components by the handguided and forcecontrolled robot in order to research the occuring contact forces and to develop strategies to handle them. In a second step, we will define a measurement strategy in order to...
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In this second project phase (months 4-6) the robot could be finally ordered after receiving the funds of EU. After the modifications by our partner MRK the delivery of the robot at ZHAW is awaited in week 18/2011. Thus the hardware installation will not be finished before end of May 2011. The lab at the premises of ZHAW is...
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