Call2 Monitoring flexprass

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An intuitive user interface for SCARA robots was implemented allowing to move the robot by dragging its arm in the HMI. The tripod IKP was solved and implemented analytically. An analytical solution for the DKP was found. The project partners Schunk and IPT agreed to additionally characterize a 6 DoF modular elbow manipulator...
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A camera for observing the working area of the precision manipulator “Commander6” was integrated for automated pick up of optical components. For systematically designing tripod kinematics based on flexures for higher precision and step resolution a design methodology was worked out for realizing the design objective of a...
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For operating the robot and the peripherals a graphical user interface (GUI) has been implemented. The GUI offers functionalities for teaching robot poses, for commanding peripheral devices, and to save and load programs. Using the GUI a tool exchange procedure was programmed. The motion resolution of the micromanipulator was...
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The construction of the tripod micromanipulator has been finished. The concept includes high precision motion resolution for tip and tilt angles as well as Z-direction, mechanical protection, and integrated machine vision. Image processing routines have been implemented for identifying lenses of different types and to...
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Image processing routines for automated lens pickup have been implemented. That includes routines for calibrating camera coordinate systems with the robot base coordinate system and for finding out translational and rotational offsets between robot TCP and target camera view (camera attached to robot TCP or to...
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The tripod has been assembled and was put to operation successfully including the clamping mechanism of the protection module. The animations have been extended to show the tip and tilt rotational motion. Additionally, a video was taped showing similar movements in reality. All objectives of the experiment have been achieved.
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The flexprass experiment shall prove feasibility of combining lightweight desktop robots capable of close human-machine collaboration (Schunk) with high-precision manipulators (Fraunhofer IPT), e.g., needed for automated assembly of optical systems and lasers. Partners configured customized manipulator based on PowerCube...
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