Public Summary Month 12/2011

In the last two months, the traffic management strategy developed in a Matlab environment during Task 2 has been interfaced with the E80 architecture that controls the arena developed in Task 3. A UDP connection between a laptop running Matlab and the E80 control system has been established and the TRAFCON traffic manager receives and sends control data via UDP.

Furthermore, E80 staff has trained the UNIMORE staff  to use the supervisory system of the arena.

Public Summary Month 9/2011

The routing strategy has been completed. It is based on an index evaluating the risk in terms of traffic of taking a given deviation. The risk factor measures the probability that a given path leads to a longer traveling time than the one of the path the AGV is traveling on. At each crossroad, an AGV computes the possible deviations and it chooses the one with lower risk.


The arena has been completed and tested using three AGVs. Now everything is ready for the experimental phase.