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Task 1 is devoted to the formalization of a real-world traffic control problem for AGVs circulating in an automatic warehouse and on the development of an efficient coordination strategy. In the first months of TRAFCON the traffic control problem has been mathematically formalized and the requirements that need to be...
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The last two months of Task 1 have been devoted to the development of a coordination strategy for efficiently solving the coordination problem in a realistic setting. The coordination of the AGVs and the constraints due to the control architecture of Elettric80 have been represented using extended coordination diagrams. In...
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In order to implement an effective (re-)planning strategy for the AGVs, in the last two months a measure of efficiency has been implemented. Given a set of paths for the vehicles, this measure evaluates the efficiency both in terms of the traffic that can be generated and in terms of the lengths of the paths: the lower the...
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In the last two months, the TRAFCON team started to develop the planning strategy and proceeded with the construction of the arena. For the path planning, two main situations have been considered: the startup and the online phase. At startup, where some waiting time is tolerated, an efficient but time consuming multi-robot...
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The routing strategy has been completed. It is based on an index evaluating the risk in terms of traffic of taking a given deviation. The risk factor measures the probability that a given path leads to a longer traveling time than the one of the path the AGV is traveling on. At each crossroad, an AGV computes the possible...
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In the last two months, the traffic management strategy developed in a Matlab environment during Task 2 has been interfaced with the E80 architecture that controls the arena developed in Task 3. A UDP connection between a laptop running Matlab and the E80 control system has been established and the TRAFCON traffic manager...
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In the last two months the experimental phase of the traffic control strategy developed in Task 2 in the arena built during Task 3 has been started. Given the size of the arena, 3 AGVs will be used to emulate realistic traffic situations. Several layouts and the corresponding roadmaps have been designed and the safety regions...
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In the last two months of TRAFCON, experiments for comparing the TRAFCON traffic manager and the traffic manager currently used by E80 have been carried on. Experiments have been done in the arena using three AGVs and two different layouts. The experiments have shown that the TRAFCON strategy works better than the E80 one...
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