Public Summary Month 5/2012

The last two months have shown a slow continuation of the previous joint work on the project. A significant part of our work in this period was focused on preparations for Automatica.


1) Automatica 2012: We set up the hardware system necessary for our appearance at Automatica and modified the necessary software to fit that setup. In addition we developed an intuitive control interface to be able to show the capability of the hand during the fair. We prepared dissemination material to be used at the fair. For that the Scape systems were used to record video clips and we composed a short video presenting our results so far. In addition a flyer and a rollup was composed. The experiment partners were available during the trade fair to present and discuss issues related to our experiment.


2) Improvements in the tree-finger-hand setup: While starting the first validation experiments in the 3-finger setup it became obvious that there are still problems with our shared data formats and our shared understanding of how exactly to execute the individual experiments and how to represent the results. We therefore spend additional time on improving and adapting the 3-finger setup to the expectation of the other partners.