Public Summary Month 9/2011

During the last two months the consortium has been dealing with minor problems arising and further preparations for the real world experiments. All systems are now ready for starting experiments within October.

- The 2-finger Scape setup has been used to form a baseline to compare further results to. A video showing the system in action can be seen here.

- The simulation setups have been improved and a new grasp quality measure has been introduced. Videos showing successful grasps for the new quality criteria and the thresholds 0.10.4 and 0.8 are given.

- A detailed approach how to integrate the grasp density results stemming from simulation with the heuristic approach within the Scape system has been developed.

- For a better comparison of different hand pre-shape types of the 3-finger hand and their respective advantages, we visualized the different hand pre-shapes and control programs. Videos showing the simulation of a successful and a failing grasp can be seen here and here.