Public Summary Month 1/2013


After the developed of an optimized controller for see and avoid task, the CVG-UPM was working on control all the degrees of freedom of the unmanned aerial vehicle to develop an autolanding control system. First this autolanding control system must be applied to land in static platform. Simulated experiments were done with successful results. Despite the control system was trained to land on a static landmark, the experiments shows that the aircraft can land on moving platform. The next Figure shows one of the simulated experiments, in which the blue line represents the aircraft movement and the black line the landmark movement.

Simulated Autolanding Experiment


APIA XXI was centered in providing further details and parameters for the end demonstration case conditions, including video and images used to prepare de algorithms and evaluate the capability of the framework adaptation.

Next Figure show the land met mast prototype designed by APIA XXI. On the top of this mast are installed different sensors to check the environment conditions.


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