Public Summary Month 6/2012

At the beginning of April the arm came back repaired and the technical issues seemed to be solved. We can say that our project started at these date because all the other months were dedicated to the solution of all the problems and to the hardware reliability improvement. In the middle of April we were involved in the Middle Term Review Meeting. After the review meeting we began to study and solve the problems pointed by the reviewer in order to satisfy their requirements.  At the same time we started with the organization of our participation to AUTOMATICA 2012 and we prepared all the dissemination materials (videos, flyers, roll-up poster), the demo (without the spraying due to AUTOMATICA booth restrictions) and also a big poster reproducing the wall of the spray booth. The fair was very useful for us because some "customers" were interested in our application (the robotic arm provider was very interested, we also received the visit of a spray booth owner in the field of truck components and the visit of a company involved in the painting of aircraft parts). In order to exploit the project results it has been necessary to submit a system patent application. So that the month of May was dedicated to the patent preparation and to its submission. Just one day before the fair, the patent application has been submitted (Application n. : PI2012A000062, Application CCIA: Pisa, Application Date: 21/05/2012).  

At the end of May we received the visit of European Commission for the exploitation of our project.

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