Public Summary Month 20/2011

Various technical issues were solved thanks to collaboration between the BioRobotics Institute, CMO and the equipment providers (METRALABS, SCHUNK and KEBA AUTOMATION). All the technical documentation was submitted according to the original proposal. CMO is already taking care of the project results exploitation for the development of a new product.


Finally we were able to perform the experiment. These results have been achieved:


  1. It is possible to perform the varnishing with a mobile robotic device but improvements are needed. The robotic arm architecture is not suitable for the task and the nonholonomic mobile platform has not enough manoeuvrability
  2. The purchased Mobile Manipulator  has been integrated with a new arm and debugged. It now implements a Cartesian Control System (not available before the project)
  3. The chosen controller is versatile and robust enough to be used not only for the robotic arm control but also for the managing of the mobile platform
  4. The vision system and the algorithms are robust enough to be used for localization, navigation, shape recognition and real time path following during the varnishing
  5. The modular robotics (see the robotic arm) is a versatile solution but still need improvements in order to increase reliability (especially from the electronic point of view) and integrability
  6. All the control algorithms developed can be exported to the pre-industrial phase that CMO will start after the project
  7. In order to be commercialized, the future product has to be designed and developed taking into account ATEX regulations from the beginning. New hydraulic or pneumatic actuation systems could be developed starting from CMO products
  8. An underactuated anthropomorphic gripper has been designed and could be developed for industrial application
  9. Integration of different subsystems is complex and need the deep knowledge of each one of them. In order to have a high performance product specialized for the varnishing it is more convenient to design and develop the entire system from the beginning
  10. The patent application has been submitted. Internal agreements regarding the exploitation have already been drafted
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