Public Summary Month 1/2013

In the past extended two months, the DEXDEB research team mainly focused on the final experiments for verifying the proposed application of dexterous robot hands in deboning operation in meat industry as a scenario for manipulation and grasping of soft and deformable materials under the human-robot co-working scheme. Theoretical investigation and practical experiments were carried out by the three consortiums of the project. Grasp constraint of the metamorphic hand was investigated and kinematics and force control of the arm-hand integrated system is studied. Integrating the Shadow hand into the ABB robot arm at ADIV and the KCL metamorphic hand into the Fanuc robot arm at KCL and ABB robot arm at ADIV, a series of experiments were carried out leading to the demonstration of using dexterous robot hands in deboning operation and the finalization of the proposed experiment.

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