Public Summary Month 6/2012

This reporting period, we had the opportunity to disseminate our results at the ROBOTIK 2012 conference (in conjunction with AUTOMATICA FAIR in munich). Therefore, we prepared a video of the final scan data based demonstrator and a conference presentation showing the details and experimental results. We attended to conference from 21. to 22. of May. Additionally, we finished the draft version of the multimedia report with the comments from the industrial partner. Regarding the AR-enhanced demonstrator stage, experiments have been conducted with the welding parts whose geometric features need to be detected by a camera in this scenario. Due to mostly little number of surface features on typical welding parts, we had little success with these experiments and thus decided to drop this demonstrator stage. Very unfortunately, we currently have a staff problem at BLACKBIRD, which is relevant to the remaining deliverables. We will try to achieve as much as possible with the remaining man power.

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