Public Summary Month 4/2013

Our biggest event in the last two months was the preparation and realization of our exhibition an the Hannover fair (08.04. - 12.04.2013). We presented our enhanced FlexIRob system as it was evaluated in our user study with workers at Harting. In particular, we presented the fast configuration of the Kuka LWR IV to a confined workspace and our Assisted Gravition Compensation mode which allows to teach a trajectory assisted by the robot in avoiding collisions with the environment. Our booth was part of the trade-show presentation of the Spitzencluster "Intelligente Technische Systems OstWestfalenLippe (it's owl)" where we represented the activities of Bielefeld University, especially of the CoR-Lab and the CITEC, in this area.

The fair was a big success. Our system ran well through the whole week and we gathered a lot of positive feedback from the visitors of our booth. We thank Harting for sponsoring the nice obstacles for our presentation.  Several members of the local governments like the mayor of Bielefeld, Pit Clausen, Svenja Schulze, the minister for research and education of NRW, state secretary Helmut Dockter, and district president Marianne Thomann-Stahl have visited our exhibition. The picture below shows Svenja Schulze and Helmut Dockter at our booth. On Friday, we had the opportunity to present our system to three groups of pupils which visited us in the context of an information day for pupils interested in engineering oriented careers. I have attached a report in the local newspaper as deliverable about our dessimination activity at the Hannover fair.