Public Summary Month 7/2012

In the end of july we had our first factory run.

It served as a test for the bigger run in October which will be done in conjunction with the EU project TAPAS.


The setup was slightly smaller scale to not disturbe production in case something goes wrong: We used mock-ups for the feeders and for the magazin.

The experiment was carried out in the factory hall next to the production line.


The experiment extended the previously published video in two ways: 1) while the video shows the training part only, the new experiment obviously also contains the programing part where the robot is able to play back the program. 2) the experiment is done under real condiditions.


The experiment went very well during a sunday but the programming part using the gestures essentially failed during the monday. 

We observed so far two errors

1) It seems that the Kinect camera that we are using as main input gets disturbed by some of the running machines.

2) Illumintation from the roof might have been a problem so that we might have to request robot programming at special locations, but this is not clear.


We will further investigate this in August.

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