Sorobot is a company dedicated to design and development of software applications for Robotic platforms –it benefits from a strong expertise in software development inherited from the past experience in the videogame industry. Personal robots are becoming ubiquitous and software applications are inseparable from the hardware. We are convinced that software applications are highly contributing to make a robot what it is and will accelerate the overall market emergence.


Sorobot is the holding of ROBOpolis, the reference company in the area of consumer robots in France. Our mission is to contribute to the fast emergence of Robots in the household in Europe. We strongly believe and are passionate about robots because they eventually will change how we live, going from an information and network technology society to an intelligent world with robot companions. Hence, we focus on the consumer robotic market in Europe, marketing and distributing Home services, Educational and Entertainment robots.

Today, ROBOpolis gathers and interacts with the overall French speaking community of Robotics thanks to strong relationships with all universities, research laboratories, schools as well as robotics clubs. We participate to a large number of robotics events and we service a wide spectrum of consumers.

In addition ROBOpolis is acting as the privileged distributor for Europe and/or France of major brands and products of the worldwide Robotics industry.
Robopolis strategy encompasses two major axes:

  • Distribution of robotic hardware - Robopolis is actively involved in the distribution of Robots for Entertainment, Education and Personal Services and is recognized as the European leading company and expert in the field of consumer robotics by the community. We service over 1000 retailers in France and are now heading towards a pan-European distribution network.
  • Direct Consumers’ relationships – Through its robotic dedicated forum on the internet ( and its internet shop (, Robopolis gathers an extensive knowledge on European consumers of robots. This direct market access enables Robopolis to plan the best marketing strategy for the adoption of robots in Europe and serves the design and development of software applications in accordance with the consumers’ expectations.

Sorobot is managed by Bruno Bonnell, founder of Infogrames/Atari and Infonie.

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